Use guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions

We often get requests from entities or people seeking permission to reproduce our images. You will find our guidelines and FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS below. We recommend to read also our Terms of Use detailed description. If you would like more information about ARTNATOMYA, contact writing to: mail(at)victoriacontreras(dot)com


Please quote the app with

[AUTHOR: ] Victoria Contreras
[YEAR] 2006

image Wrong example – Popular book “Liespotting” by Pamela Meyer, in Chapter 3 on page 53, quotes in inaccurate manner ARTNATOMYA (even if we think proper reference is clearly specified in our site since 2006 for such a clever author as Meyer...) and furthermore, just with a link that does not work (click image to see screen shot).

Permissions: Using ARTNATOMYA materials for presentations, publications, and online.


We make some limited use of content from our apps free and no permissions is necessary. To see if your request qualifies check on this page. In summary, if you are a professor using the app in a course or a students, or limiting your use to a few images for noncommercial purposes, permissions might be free. Otherwise, you can request permission by filling our Contact Form.

– I am a professor/instructor. Can I use ARTNATOMYA images in the classroom, build my lectures around ARTNATOMYA apps and display content from the apps during presentations? Do I need permission to do this?

Complete permissions information is available below. In summary:

  • If your school has a site license to our products, both you and your students have access to ARTNATOMYA apps and no additional permissions are required.
  • If you are a professor who requires ARTNATOMYA apps on your course syllabus, you may teach with our products with no restrictions.
  • If you do not meet either of these scenarios, we require a professional use license for you to teach with ARTNATOMYA apps in the classroom. A professional use license starts at $100 per year.
- How do I get permission to use visuals from ARTNATOMYA apps on my website, in my course materials, or in a publication.

Instructors/professors who require a ARTNATOMYA product on their course syllabus or who teach at a school that has a ARTNATOMYA site license may use the product and images from it in lecture presentations, class notes, lab manuals, or study materials circulated exclusively to students in the course. Permission to use ARTNATOMYA products in lecture and in course handout materials is granted at no cost, provided that you meet the following criteria:

  • Your course syllabus must require a ARTNATOMYA product or provide instructions for accessing your school's site-licensed ARTNATOMYA product.
  • You must follow the attribution guidelines when using an image in your lecture notes or course materials.
  • This material must be circulated exclusively to students in the course.
  • You may not sell, in any form, the course materials that include ARTNATOMYA content.
  • You may not make the materials that include ARTNATOMYA content available on any website that includes advertising.

If your course materials meet the above criteria, specific permission is not required. Simply follow the attribution guidelines explained below.

If your course materials do not meet the above criteria, we are happy to provide you a quote for using images from our apps. Please note that pricing to license images for commercial use starts at $200 per image.

To receive a bid for your particular licensing needs write to: mail(at)victoriacontreras(dot)com. Include your school, course name and number, and your request.

Getting your students access to ARTNATOMYA materials

– Can I install copies of ARTNATOMYA apps in my lab?

The apps we sell at our web store and through iTunes and Google Play are for individual use. If you intend to install our products on desktop computers in a lab or similar location where many people have access to the apps you need a multi-user license. ARTNATOMYA offers multi-user seat licenses to provide you with copies of ARTNATOMYA apps for multiple users. Ask for information.

– How can my students purchase ARTNATOMYA apps?

Students can buy copies directly at these stores:
To PC / Mac systems, throught PayLoadz at our sales page.
To OSX or Android, at iTunes and Google Play


– I am a student. Can I use ARTNATOMYA images as a study tool or in a school project or paper?

If you are a student and you'd like to use no more than five images in a paper or presentation that is circulated only to instructors and other students in your course, specific permission is not required. Simply follow the attribution guidelines explained below.

If you want to use more than five ARTNATOMYA images in any other context, please submit a request or a license quote writing to: mail(at)victoriacontreras(dot)com Include a description of your project (type of media), explanation of distribution (who will see this), and include the images you intend to use.


If your work/book/DVD/presentation is going to be commercialized, the use of Artnatomy application or images is NOT FREE (even if you buy the application). Visit ARTNATOMYA EXPRESSIONS LIBRARY to buy high definition images. The copyright of these images belongs exclusively to Victoria Contreras. Illustrations are priced and licensed accordingly. Purchase og these image sets entitles users to include them in noncommercial (academic research) publications and for personal use (teaching or displaying). In no case purchase entitles user to manipulate the images, use it to create derivative works, reproduce it or distribute to third parties. If you require information on commercial licensing rights, please please read our FAQ and contact us: mail(at)victoriacontreras(dot)com before publication.

We also accept commissoned works (2d or 3d), so feel free to contact us anyway and we will study your illustration needs and a fair budget, depending on the number of images or animations needs.

– How do I submit a request for a license quote?

To submit a request to license images or animations, please contact us: mail(at)victoriacontreras(dot)com and include the following information:

  • Type of content in which you will be using our images
  • Type of media in which you will be using our images
  • Description of media (examples: book, syndicated health show, psichology professional magazine, journal)
  • Size of audience/circulation
  • Length of permissions request
  • Number of images you would like to use
  • Which ARTNATOMYA products contain the images you would like to use

Bulk purchases and custom orders

How do I buy mutliple copies of an app to use in my business? I’m a product manager at a pharma company and I want to train my team using ARTNATOMYA apps.

ARTNATOMYA offers a bulk purchase package so that you many offer a number of ARTNATOMYA apps to single users. Packages start at $500. Contact us: mail(at)victoriacontreras(dot)com

Does ARTNATOMYA create custom products? My company would like to add marketing materials to a version of your app and distribute to customers.

We are always looking for channel partners.Contact us: mail(at)victoriacontreras(dot)com

Does ARTNATOMYA have an affiliate program or a reseller program? My company would like to distribute ARTNATOMYA apps.

We are always looking for channel partners. Contact us: mail(at)victoriacontreras(dot)com

– What if I have more questions?

Please, contact us: mail(at)victoriacontreras(dot)com to write us any questions, comments, or suggestions.


Is there any other system to buy your products? Do you ship it physically?
We don't make sales outside described platforms in our sales page, nor either physical shipments of our products.
– What is the difference between the content in ARTNATOMYA 2017 Edition and ARTNATOMYA online free app?

ARTNATOMYA 2017 Edition runs offline without need of an internet connection.

Adds full animations for Schematic and Naturalistic models when activating ACTIONS tab on Level 1.

Adds Photographic examples for MOVEMENTS and EXPRESSIONS on Level 2.

– In what languages are your apps available? Is each language a separate purchases?

English and spanish version of ARTNATOMYA are built as two differents apps. Customers can switch the app language before making purchase.

Can I frame ARTNATOMYA app on my site?
NO: incorporation or framing of ARTNATOMYA in other sites is NOT ALLOWED but we appreciate any link to this site. This is an spanish/english tool, so if you are going to link it on your web or blog, follow our Terms & Conditions rules and please link to the main url, (not just the url of your language) mentioning the complete reference (the correct one is the same as for Academic works above).



If your question has not been answered, send us a message! In order for us to offer best support possible, please include as many details about your issue. To submit a request to license images or animations, please include your name, country and also the following information:

  • Type of content in which you will be using our images.
  • Type and description of media (examples: book, professional magazine, medical journal) in which you will be using our images.
  • Size of audience/circulation.
  • Length of permissions request.
  • Number of images you would like to use.
  • Which ARTNATOMYA products contain the images you would like to use.



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